Saturday, December 11, 2010

n l r. N / So i Was fhrnkirj . that Ma£e this thing world worn. But, it thM Ks MD Writing y.. Who knew WrAi^S would be So hard? vhg Cant Why Cant this thing read ?”f hot Workis. Still hates Me. hitfW better. Apparently everyone else Nus 7 write patW dov togetur. N Cabriel has Wétd pabkms. trJ this w this is supposed bbei . easier. Bur ilm not Wins how. I GM this tablet thing hates m. f Beeauw it’s voi^ and horrible. Or mayml j I I just have tre terrible handwriting. : HD I 4ouk\ Send thi3 b my blog. then evme could marvel at my technical Wastey.

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