Thursday, September 16, 2010

Darling Houses

So this is my first Darling House. Stuffed with Lavender and Lemon. Wish my house smelled this good. I'm pretty sure there's not much call for dog and pizza scented sachets. The pattern is from this shop on Etsy NapKitten the seller is generous enough to allow you to sell what you make from this pattern which is always appreciated.

I made a few changes so it would sit flat and modified the roof a bit. I want to get some scallop shears and make a gingerbread type roof. It's crushingly precious. About 4.5 inches tall or there abouts, not the best pics but I really wanted to show it to you.


  1. So cute! And I love lavender. It helps my nasty migraines. I think I'd need a village of these houses for the headaches I've been getting lately, though.....

  2. I get them too, I take about six Advil and hope for the best,lol. Script strength is 600 to 800 so I'm reduced to making my own generic, basically.

    For some odd reason Coke helps tremendously. As in Cola, not, you know...

  3. so sweet... what a cute and fantastic idea for a sachet. I ♥ it.