Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When a Man Loves a Woman

I have a Rowenta my husband bought me for about ten years, at the time it was a huge extravagance even at the lower end. A few years ago it hit the cement floor and cracked on the side, leaky but still working. As some of you know we have been really broke for the last couple years as he's been out of work. But about a week ago he got a few jobs so we are trying to get back on our feet.

So I figured could get a new iron but like a Sunbeam or something. Nope, afraid that I would "buy something crappy" my husband insisted on this. I am blessed to have a husband that is very much all about getting the best tools one can afford (hence my Bernina Activa).

I am so friggin excited about this iron. Not only because it will be great to not have a leaky one, but because it reminds me of my husbands generosity and insistence that I need the best we can afford to buy.

It also comes in real handy cause I'm whippin' up some big ass owls that I'll show you pics of in a couple days. These suckers are like 12 by 14 inches.

So yeah, we may not do Valentines or Anniversaries, in fact, neither one of us can recall just when, exactly , we were married, but I'll take this over a dozen roses or whatever what not you get one what year to the next, anyday.

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  1. that's awesome! I love my hubs who's like this too. we also don't do the valentine's birthday christmas shmozz but yet I have a Bernina 800DL :D

    congrats on your new iron.