Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, I got a lot done...

Wow, being offline for a week sucked. The first couple days was ok, kinda refreshing. Although I kept walking upstairs to check out my email.

Day three was annoying. Day three was when I first went to the library to use the computers there. They have 30 and 60 minutes PC's. The chairs, I'm not kidding, must be about a foot off the ground.

I figured I could bring my E Book (a data stick precursor) and at least get some work done. I seemed to always get stuck between a tween wearing headphones that failed to block any of the 'music' he was listening to and this one guy, this realllly old guy who breathed really loud.

SO it was like trying to work sitting next to Darth Vader. And the more I thought about Darth Vader the more I kept picturing him you know, walking in and checking out some books. Maybe being embarrassed because he has late fees.

How audio books would more then likely be out of the question. As for me, I work listening to them. I prefer murder mystery and horror so it's kind of a funny juxtaposition creating these super cute whatevers while listening to them.

Maybe it keeps the cute from overwhelming and corrupting me. I'm all about being positive and stuff, but I do have limits. I'm currently working through all the Kellerman and Koontz. I like the Kellerman that feature Alex whatshisname. I've only made it through one Koontz, gave up on another.

Also had to draw the line at the book where the plot revolves around child assassins, a Scottish Lord and an artist. My all time fav, still, is The Haunting of Hill House. They did a fantastic job of that one.

But, I did get a lot done. You can see how we are coming along I am really excited.

Anyhow, we've revamped the look and since I had days to organise pictures getting stocked went pretty fast. Being alone in my room helps immensely, of course. Our launch date is September 1st and one of the things I'm excited about is our approach to marketing.

Like, you know, talking to real people. Not Tweeting all day to other sellers. Once we get settled in I'll look for a few more shops, but there's no hurry there. As it is, I'm just now getting some sort of inventory process in place.

School is in a couple weeks. Hamid finally has a job, thank God. So we get through another couple months. One foot in front of the other.

I have good friends and I've made a point out of only hanging out with nice people. Funny how one all of a sudden realises that's a choice. You know, you can just walk away from crazy dog park lady, block fixated whomever, forget forums (that freed up a LOT of time) and not take everything the driver in front of you does personally.

The No Drama Approach is wonderful and I highly recommend it. Once you realise how much drama is manufactured for the sake of being drama, well, it's a revelation.

So were the two big bags of stuff I forgot I made, never photographed and listed. That was nifty.

So, sorry about the lapse there, hopefully it won't happen again. I mean, I'm grateful the library was there and all, but, there's nothing like the quiet of upstairs with three big dogs and a very adjustable chair.

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