Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happened to Goat Mountain Arts?

Nothing, really, it's still there. You can click on the icon to the right and away you'll go. That being said, over time, I think I will move it under the Ananda Tree. I'm not certain if I want to keep making soap, but I AM certain I want to make other things.

So what I will more then likely do is continue to make small batches but less variety. And no worries, Mermaid and Tranquil Sleep will be among them.

I've been making soap a long time and I'd like to branch out a bit with Ananda Tree (apologies for the pun). I also wanted something that would represent my new direction and approach to life and people in general.

I've always been a very 'if you don't like my peaches, dontcha shake my tree' person and I'd like to be able to dwell in a place where tree shakers don't ire me, much less register. Ananda Tree is a daily reminder of that goal, joy, compassion, even if some continue to baffle me with their tree shaking insistence.

My mantra? "No drama, no drama..." because there is enough accidental drama along the way to stumble on, I don't want to piffle with the manufactured.

If you are worries that a fav soap will be discontinued shoot me an email at goatmountainarts!@aol.com and we'll chat.

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