Monday, November 1, 2010

But, but....

I just wanted to make stuff and sell it.....

Good gravy. Who knew? Between the registering the business names and moving the work space and gathering the patterns and what not I haven't made nothin'.

It is with a heavy whiny crybaby heart I admit that i need to learn *sigh* Photoshop. Because everyone else's pics on The Dot are better then mine. Except for my soap ones. Who the hell KNEW plushes were so damn difficult to photograph?

Not me. Obviously.

This had lead me to the other realisation that any hopes I had of making and listing in time for Christmas shopping is kaput. The realisation and acceptance sort of takes a bit of the pressure off though. I need to remind myself that I am in this for the long term long haul for real I'm a genuine business thing.

It's kinda funny really, how people say "You should sell those." as if all you have to do is stand on the back of a truck and pass whatever out.

I cannot express, fully, the desire I lack to learn Photoshop. I hate taking pics. It is, I think, the most tedious aspect of this business. I tried to read my Photoshop for Dumbasses while waiting for Gabriel after school but kept falling asleep. If I suffered from insomnia this would be great, but since my problem is staying awake, not so much.

I have an Expenses binder now. Now, if I can find that consignment agreement I was supposed to send in last  week....

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