Sunday, November 14, 2010


So last night I wake up at two am and am in really bad pain. I take six Advil and nope. Think about the cold I can't get rid of and start to freak out thinking I have Spinal Meningitis. It's my neck, see, the source of all stored tension and the reason why, in the time before time, I had a massage every two weeks.

I've pinched a nerve between my neck and my shoulder and it's really gone downhill from there. As long as I don't move my head I'm fine, but the longer I don't move my head the tighter everything gets and it's hurt like a MF.

I have an appointment for Thursday. It's fucking demoralizing. Monday was supposed to me go to the gym, start new work schedule, take pics and so far Sunday is just Manage to Drive without yelling 'Ow!' every three seconds. You know, sometimes, it's hard to believe someone isn't out there fucking with you. Seriously.


  1. my friend who has the most health problems of anyone I know always says.

    "Another Cosmic joke at my expense"

    do you think massage might help?

  2. Yep, Amy also does Craniosacral massage which is a Godsend if you grind your teeth or otherwise injure yourself unconsciously in order to prevent yourself from climbing a water tower with a rifle.

    It's that whole lack of mind and body connection, you know, all of a sudden you realise that you feel like shit but you were so inside your head you didn't realise it until your arms fell off or something.

    Massage is a great way of creating a connection on all kinds of levels, it's just expensive. of course I'd probably connect more if connecting didn't come with the 'HTF did I get so FAT?!' revelation.

    Being 'here' is something I really struggle with but if I don't get 'here' soon it's gonna be ugly.