Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here are a few pics of the process. I didn't take any before pics but you get the general idea. My husband who bitched and moaned the entire time has now decided to paint the front of the house.

I'll take more pics tomorrow and you can see the new paint. I'm HOPING that by Friday I'll have a floor and shelves. The concrete step from what used to be the outside door needs to be moved and a step needs to be put in where the new door is. It's quite the drop with the doorframe.

It would be great if that pathetic woman wouldn't call the damn County every time we blow our noses. What kind of sad soul spends time doing that?

Outside. I had to cut down the roses but planted new stuff I'll show you later.

These will be floor to ceiling shelves 12 inches deep on both ends of the room.

Later you'll see how Hamid had the siding set into the porch framing rather then just doing the usual big box stuck on the front of the house thing.

I hate to remove the climbing roses but hopefully they'll come back. It's good to give them a major whack every few years anyhow. Planted lavender under the window so I can open the windows and have roses and lavender wafting in.

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