Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Merrily we go along

So I'm reworking the Grumpy Haters Banner and logo. Or ok, I have ideas and LeeAnn does all the work. I don't know my Comic Sans from my elbow other then Comic Sans is the Devil and elbows aren't. Or at least the Font Elite haven't deemed them so. Yet.

The cupcake is wonderful but it's Etsy-centric and as I have left Etsy and also am convinced Etsy is some kind of tax write off for Accel given the 'changes', I'd like to further distance myself by about a kagillion light years.

This is gonna be the mascot. I'm waiting on my photo stuff to arrive so yeah, but I thought I'd just throw a pic or two or here for ya anyway. I knew that ball fringe I've had for like ten years would come in handy someday.

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