Sunday, October 3, 2010

Geezy Peezy

Where to start....

I'm setting up on Artfire (*waves at Foxtail*) . I know, I know, but then I thought how many ways did Etsy screw me and I stayed? Tony lost his mind a few years ago, apologised and I haven't seen any fall out since then.  And, like Etsy, AF is not my boyfriend so pragmatism rules.

They do have fantastic SEO and I figured it would be a good way to advertise for The Dot Shops as soon as I figure out the damn widget thingy. One of the nice things is being able to direct folks to The Dot from AF without some weird fall out.

SO that's in progress.

Now for the really exciting stuff. My husband is going to enclose the porch for me and make it a workspace with built in shelves floor to ceiling on each end. it will be about two feet narrower then the tiny room I have but about  four feet longer. Plus I won't have piles of fabric piled on bookshelves but actual shelving.

Yes, we are the best tenants ever. I have this urge to make the landlords sign something in blood saying we don't ever have to move but then the sane part of me realises that some things, rightfully, aren't in my control.

It will be great to get the PC out of my bedroom along with the two storage tables, get the shipping supplies of the dining room table, etc.  Plus since the three huge dogs are compelled to lie at my feet at all times, I will be able to walk around them. As it stands I have al almost wall to wall sea of dog and you can imagine how much hotter that makes a hot room.

The idea of having a bedroom that doesn't look like a hoarder lives here is awesome.

Of course this will not address the closet literally full of bags of fleece. The other closets that are floor to ceiling roving and weaving and yarn. No really, my son's closet it full, more then three bags full, of raw, washed fleece. I think of it as insulation. I am being environmentally responsible.

Then I can address the laundry room which is overrun with soaping and spinning tools. Right now my very expensive carding machine is on a bottom shelf that I can't really get to. The idea of it being actually accessible
make me giddy. Not having my spinning wheel crammed behind a bookcase will be super handy.

Plus, I can have a little dedicated area to take pics with like a friggin tripod and a light box. Soap is easy to photo but everything else not so much. When this is done I plan on retaking almost all my pictures of plushes, etc.

If this consignment gig goes well I need to get a whole lot more organised then I am. Next Saturday is my last show, so I hope to spend the time between now and April getting everything up to speed and working very hard on The Dot.

I wish i could show you all the new stuff I've been making but it's not photographed yet and I decided to wait two weeks rather then retake everything,. A tripod will help because then I don't have to find tremor free days to take a damn picture.

Of course, my husband thinks the extent of my stuff is in my little room as he never goes to the closets. I 'conveniently' arranged shelving by his bathroom downstairs for all his clothes. Wasn't that thoughtful of me?

The challenge will be resisting the impulse to just put something 'for a minute' in the room that will be empty. I'm thinking maybe putting my computer in there...

p.s. I will take before and after pics, I promise. Did I mention the really big window I'll have?

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