Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving right along...

Here you can see the work in progress. The siding will be painted to match the house and I'm so in love with the green. It's a Martha Stewart color. My husband bought it as I would have totally snubbed Martha.

Future shelving. The walls are Faraway Blue and the trim is some color we used in the dining room who's name escapes me. But if anyone is pressed to know I have to get more tomorrow. Hamid is driving to Ikea to get wooden blinds. That's commitment.

Shelving will be brackets so I can adjust and they are 12 inches deep. I cannot tell you how freakin' awesome it will be to not have fabric stacked on bookcases.

It doesn't look like much, but that's the lavender, Shasta Daisy and a flower I forget that sounds like Giardia and is white and lovely. Those sad little sticks to the left are the Buff Beauty not looking so buff.

That's my beloved fig tree to the right. It grew really fast. Everything did, really. Both the tree and that variegated bush were like two feet tall just a few years ago. Maybe five?

We are talking to the landlords about them paying for the walkway and driveway to be replaced. I'd imagine once they see the house and what boils down to a $16,000 addition, they will be swayed.  They are really nice folks and of course the improvements we've made make us the most awesome tenants ever.


  1. Looks great, Holly! I love painted brick. I especially love it when it is peeling for some reason. So I'll come over and patina the hell out of it wiht a wire brush or something...

    I will be redoing my dedicated space so it actually can be dedicated. Right now, both guest rooms, the kitchen and the dining room are picking up a lot of slack. I have too many craft projects.

  2. The room looks awesome! And I think it's Gaillardia.... I am very totally jealous of your new space.